It’s not uncommon for the MB claims team to hear about the unusual circumstances that result in damage to one of our customer’s prized motor vehicles but it was particularly unusual when a claim was lodged recently for damage by peacock.

Our unfortunate customer had gone for a walk with his family around the Victorian regional town of Echuca and on returning to their car encountered the scene of a large, angry peacock attacking the car using its claws and beak to inflict the damage.

The bird was shooed away but not before it had inflicted significant damage to the rear bumper bar. Turns out that peacocks while blessed with dazzling looks are not equally blessed with intelligence and commonly mistake their reflection for another peacock encroaching on their territory, as was the case here.

Fortunately MB prestige motor vehicle insurance provides cover for accidental damage caused by animals and the car has now been repaired at our customers chosen repairer and returned to them looking just as it was before the encounter with the angry peacock.