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1. What is a cover note?

A cover note is a short term contract of insurance that can be put in place very quickly and with a minimum of paperwork.  The purpose of the cover note is to give you immediate cover for your vehicle and to allow you a short period of time to obtain all the required information and submit it to us along with your payment in order to obtain your full policy.  The length of this short term cover can vary and will be shown on the cover note.

2. What if I have not submitted the required additional information and /or made payment by the end of the cover note period?

It is important to ensure that all information we request to finalise your policy is provided to us by the expiry date of your cover note.  If you do not provide this to us within the cover note period then your cover note will expire and cover will cease.  If there are extenuating circumstances as to why the outstanding information cannot be provided to us before the cover note expires then you should contact us in advance to discuss an alternative solution.

3. Who is the security behind the MB Prestige Motor Vehicle Insurance?

The MB Prestige Motor Vehicle Insurance product is underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited.  QBE has been operating in Australia since 1886 and continues to provide industry-leading insurance solutions that are focused on the needs of intermediaries and clients.  QBE is a household name in Australian insurance, backed by sizeable assets, and well known as a strong and financially secure organisation.

4. What sort of vehicles does MB Insurance insure?

MB Insurance specialises in insuring prestige, luxury, high performance, classic and vintage vehicles as well as Japanese and American imported vehicles and other specialist type vehicles.

5. How can I protect my vehicle from being stolen?

Adopting the following measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen:

  • Never leave an ignition key anywhere on or in the vehicle
  • Never leave a valet or service key on or in the vehicle. These can sometimes be located in a pocket or sleave within the owner’s manual.
  • When at home, store your keys in a discrete, non-obvious location – many vehicles are stolen with keys taken from the kitchen bench or hall stand
  • Keep your vehicle off the street at night preferably in a locked garage.
6. Will I have to pay an excess when I make a claim?

The circumstances of the claim will determine if an excess is payable.  Full details of when an excess will be payable can be found in Section 6 of the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording.

7. How much will my excess be?

The excess applicable to your policy will be shown on your certificate of insurance.

8. How do I obtain a quote?

A quote can be obtained by completing the Quotation Request form found on the Downloads page of this website and returning it to us. For insurance brokers registered to use our online quoting facility you can obtain a quote here.

9. How long is my quote valid for?

Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

10. What is an Agreed Value policy?

An Agreed Value policy is a policy where the value of your vehicle is set and agreed upon at the start of the policy and does not change for the duration of the policy period.  Unlike market value policies where the insured value of your vehicle can vary with market forces, an agreed value policy gives you certainty over the insured value of your vehicle for the duration of the policy period.

11. Which repairer should I take my vehicle to?

The MB Prestige Motor Vehicle Insurance policy allows you to take your vehicle to any repairer you choose to repair your vehicle provided  the cost of repairs do not exceed the agreed value less any salvage and the costs do not exceed the adjusted repair cost assessed by an external assessor.  If you do not have a preferred repairer or are unsure where to take your vehicle then the MB claims team will be happy to assist you.

12. My previous insurer issued me with a Lifetime NCB. Can I keep this benefit with MB?

In recognition of the many claims free years it takes to earn a Lifetime No Claim Bonus Discount, MB will continue to honour any Lifetime No Claim Bonus benefit you have received from any previous insurer.

13. How is my premium calculated?

You premium is calculated based on a number for risk factors including who drives the vehicle, where your vehicle is located, the agreed value of your vehicle, the make and model of your vehicle, the age of your vehicle, how you use your vehicle and the excess selected.  We may also take into account your claims history and driving record when calculating your premium.

14. Will MB outsource my claim to a third party claims manager?

MB Insurance manage all claims in-house with a dedicated claims team.  We do utilise external service providers for specific tasks, for example, loss adjusters to assess your vehicle damage.

15. Is there a sub-limit applied to the excess free glass cover?

There is no sub-limit applicable to the excess free glass replacement benefit.  If your claim qualifies for the excess free glass replacement benefit then you will be covered for the full cost of replacing the glass.




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