The vintage/classic vehicle owner loves the moments spent driving their vehicle, treating it with the level of care that has enabled it to last from one generation to the next.  There is no other feeling quite like that of being behind the wheel of an icon from a bygone era, an icon  that recaptures that moment in time, every time.  Reduced usage and storage cover options are available which reward owners with premium discounts in recognition of the reduced time your vehicle spends on the road.

It is a given that such special vehicles are difficult to replace, and at MB Insurance we understand the importance of having the best cover available in the unfortunate event of an accident.  Therefore if your vehicle is over 25 years old and is involved in a total loss incident, you are entitled to keep the vehicle after we have settled your claim.

Vehicle Marques include: Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Porsche, Holden (pre-1980), Ford (pre-1980), Chrysler, Chevrolet, Lincoln, Cadillac, American Muscle Cars… and many more.

For a list of the key features and benefits of our product, please visit the Motor Benefits Summary page.