At MB Insurance we understand the love you have for your classic car. It is your pride and joy, you take great care in looking after it and do all you can to ensure it is kept in pristine condition. We are passionate car enthusiasts at MB, and have tailored our insurance policy to cater to the needs of owners of cars over 25 years of age.

The MB Insurance policy has the automatic benefit of Salvage Rights for cars 25 years old or over. This means that if your car is 25 years old or over and is a Total Loss, you may keep whatever is left of your vehicle (unless the vehicle is stolen and we have paid the agreed value). This is an important benefit as you may wish to rebuild the vehicle or use those hard to find parts for a future project.

Another fantastic benefit is the fact that we offer an agreed value for all vehicles, including cars 25 years or older. This gives you the piece of mind of knowing the exact value your car is insured for in the event of a total loss, which is not the case when a vehicle is insured under a market value insurance policy. Add to this excess free glass cover and discounts for low and limited use, and you have a policy to suit the needs of owners of older cars.

Whether it be a Holden Kingswood, Ford Fairlane, Toyota Crown, Chrysler Valiant or any classic vehicle, at MB Insurance we are here to help.

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