If you own a Prestige, Exotic, Classic or 4WD/SUV vehicle and drive less than 8,000 kilometres per year, MB Insurance can offer Limited Kilometre Use discounts to your premium.

At MB Insurance, we understand that vehicles that are driven sparingly present a lower insurance risk than cars that are driven daily. Based on this, we offer a Limited Kilometre Use Discount for vehicles that travel less than 8,000 kilometres per year. If you drive your vehicle even less frequently, less than 5,000 kilometres per year, we can offer a Low Kilometre Use Discount, offering an even greater level of savings. The savings result in a substantial reduction of your insurance premium.

There are many examples where vehicles may be driven infrequently. You may have a Hyundai Tucson that you don’t drive often as you catch the train to work, or an exotic Ferrari F430 that you only drive on Sundays. Alternatively, you may be retired and drive your Mercedes Benz E320 on occasion, or perhaps you have a classic Ford LTD that you only take out on weekends when it isn’t raining. We love cars at MB Insurance and appreciate that many circumstances may result in you driving less than 8,000 kilometres per year, and deserve an insurance discount for doing so.

Selecting a Limited Kilometre or Low Kilometre policy, and enjoying the benefit of a reduced premium, does not take away the other features which are standard with an MB Insurance policy. All policies automatically feature an Agreed Value, so you know exactly how much your vehicle is insured for in the event of a total loss. You have choice of repairer if you have a claim, and you are entitled to one glass claim per year excess free. Furthermore, if your vehicle is 25 years of age or older and is a total loss, you have automatic retention of salvage.

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