The 944 model was first sold in 1982 in Australia effectively as the replacement to the 924. Whilst similar in styling to the 924, the 944 was a larger vehicle with a 2.5 litre four cylinder engine producing 121 Kilowatts of power.

The 944 was updated throughout its nine year lifecycle, with engine capacity increasing to 2.7 litres and the added safety equipment of anti lock braking and airbags fitted in some markets. The 944S2 was released in 1989 with Turbo and Cabriolet models introduced. The very rare Turbo Cabriolet was also sold in 1991 in very limited numbers.

With typical Porsche robust construction, many 944’s are still being driven as daily drivers today, whilst others have been modified for track and hillclimbing use. In total 162,192 Porsche 944’s were manufactured between 1982 and 1991