The Porsche 928 was launched with great fanfare in 1978, winning the 1978 European Car of The Year. With futuristic styling, a 4.5 litre V8 engine and pop up headlights, the 928 was at the time Porsches flagship.

A luxury Grand Tourer, the 928 was sold for seventeen years (1978-1995) with many updates along the way. The updates included the 928S, 928S4, 928GT and the final variant, the 928GTS. The 928GTS truly lived up to its name of Grand Touring Sport. Introduced in 1992, the V8 engine by this stage had grown to 5.4 litres, four valves per cylinder and 257 Kilowatts. Leather trim, a Tyre Pressure Monitor and sunvisors for the rear passengers were standard equipment.

The 928 was last sold in Australia in 1995, the new vehicle price being $241,620 before options and onroad costs for the four speed automatic model. Its main competitors by this time was the Mercedes Benz S500 Coupe and BMW 850Ci.