In the 1970’s Porsche were looking to introduce a cheaper, front engine model to capture more sales in the lucrative US market. In development with Volkswagen, the 924 was introduced in 1976. The engine was a 2.0 lite four cylinder used in the Audi 100.

First sold in Australia in May 1977, the manual 924 sold for $21,392, undercutting the 911 by some margin. The 924 was a four seat coupe with a rear hatch. An automatic transmission was also available for added convenience.

Porsche produced a number of higher performance variants of the 924 including the 924 Turbo, 924 Carrera GT and the 924S. These limited edition models are now quite rare in Australia. The 924 was not sold in Australia after 1982, despite being manufactured for many years beyond this. The 944 model was sold in Australia as its replacement.