The 356 was the first model manufactured by Porsche. What made this model unique at the time was that it was the first sports car where the engine was placed at the rear of the vehicle. The first 356 was manufactured in Austria in 1948. Ferdinand Porsche was a long time car enthusiast who wished to create a light, great handling sports car that was fun to drive. There is no doubt he succeeded with the 356.

Production of the 356 was moved to Germany in 1950 and as time went on more racing enthusiasts could see the racing potential with the 356, which helped sales. The four cylinder engine was updated throughout production, providing spritely performance. Racing success, including a class win at Le Mans, also assisted the credibility of the new marque. In time additional variants were included to the range, including the Cabriolet and the ultra rare Speedster. Introduction to the US market resulted in greatly increased volume.

The 356 continued production into 1965, well after 911 production commenced. There is no doubt that the 356 is a sought after classic car worldwide.